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Hello there! I’m Darians, and first and foremost, I’m a wife and a mother. I’m blessed to be married to the most loving and supportive man, and together, we’ve journeyed through 8 beautiful years, celebrating 2 years of marriage. Our joy multiplies with our three amazing children: Zoey (7), Scarlette (3), and Dain (2), who truly are the center of our world. Adding to the mix, we have two delightful dogs, Timer (8), a Corgi/Retriever mix, and Winston (3), a Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix.

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At heart, I’m a foodie! Food and Meal, to me, is a love language that warms the soul. I have a special affinity for wine, unabashedly so, and believe vineyards offer the most picturesque views. I confess to being a Starbucks addict, particularly leaning towards espresso. While I’m on the journey to recover from being a shopaholic, my zodiac sign, Cancer, adds a touch of mystique to my superstitious nature – ask my husband about my detours for black cats!

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What my guest say about the recipes

“I stumbled upon County Mama Cooking while looking for easy and budget-friendly recipes. I must say, these recipes are a game-changer for busy moms like me! Quick, delicious, and light on the wallet – a winning combination!”

Suraksha Prajapati

“As a novice in the kitchen, I was a bit hesitant to try cooking on my own. But the recipes here are so well-explained and straightforward that even I could pull them off. My family now thinks I’m a cooking pro!”

Kristin Porter

“The grocery shopping tips are a lifesaver! I used to dread the supermarket, but with these hacks, I’ve not only saved money but also made the process much more efficient. Another game-changer for me has been the best Japanese rice cooker that I purchased recently. It has revolutionized my cooking routine, making it even more efficient and enjoyable. Thank you, County Mama Cooking!”

Sophia Girard

“I’ve tried several recipes from here, and they’ve all been a hit with my family. The best part is, I’m not spending a fortune on ingredients. It’s like gourmet cooking on a budget – who knew it was possible?”

Claudia Medina

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Turkey Bacon Ranch Wedge Salad

Turkey Bacon Ranch Wedge Salad – A Fresh and Filling Lunch

Hey y’all! Darian here from County Mama Cooking. I’ve got an easy yet delicious salad recipe to share with you today – my turkey bacon ranch wedge salad. It’s one of my favorite fresh, filling lunches to whip up on a busy week. As I’ve…

Traditional Sugar Cookies

Traditional Sugar Cookies with Frosting – Festive Holiday Treats

Well hey there friends! Darian here from County Mama Cooking, coming to you with my classic homemade sugar cookie recipe. There’s nothing quite like the taste of traditional sugar cookies, especially during the holidays. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a busy mama to three adorable…

Sweet Potato Pie with a Butter Pecan Topping

Sweet Potato Pie with a Butter Pecan Topping – A Southern Classic

Well hey there friends, it’s Darian from County Mama Cooking! I’ve got an extra special dessert to share with y’all today – my homemade sweet potato pie with a butter pecan topping. This is classic Southern comfort food at its finest! As I’ve mentioned before,…

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Delicious Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts – A Crowd-Pleaser

Hi everyone, I’m Darian! Today I’m sharing one of my go-to easy dinners – spinach stuffed chicken breasts. As a busy mom, I’m always looking for recipes that are quick to prep but feel special enough to serve for family dinners. These chicken breasts are…

Spicy Guacamole

Spicy Guacamole with a Kick – Elevate Your Chip Game

Hi there, I’m Darian! There’s nothing my family loves more than a big bowl of fresh, homemade spicy guacamole. As a busy mom of three kids and two dogs, I’m always looking for easy appetizers packed with flavor to serve for game days, taco nights,…


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Embracing my heart and passion, I’ve chosen to dive into the world of cooking and saving on groceries. There’s an inexplicable joy in creating wonderful meals for my family, especially when it involves making huge, budget-friendly feasts. As a family of 5, I’ve mastered the art of preparing substantial meals at a fraction of the cost.

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